example of how it works. this is awesome.

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example of how it works. this is awesome.

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 30, 2009 11:40 pm

freebie trading
is where, someone refers you to a site, and they will pay you to complete trial offers.
that is method 1,
then you move on to;
paying others to do trial offers, and the site will pay you for the referral.
that is method 2:
here is an example.
i set up a trade with you on flr.(the freebie trading site)
you then confirm the trade, and sign up on the site,
you complete enough trial offers to = 1 full credit.
once you get the credit, you get paid, depending on the site you can make anywhere from
10-120. for the site.
the person who referred you , then can cash out the site, and depending on the site;
that person who referred you, will make anywhere from. 20-240. for the site.
rule of thumb,
the person will pay you half of what they would get.
if you are truly interested.
let me know, and i will give you my link for the freebie trading site.
and will set up your first trade,
so that you and i can get paid, right away.
also there are a few requirements.
although it free to join the site,
you will need a credit card, or debit card, for the offers
and also a verified paypal account.
this is totally awesome, and i truly love it, and am making good money at it.
let me know, have a great day.

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