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Completing a site's offer requirements to gain a credit is known in the freebie trading world as 'going green', or 'greening'. If you sign up for an IFW site via another trader's referral link and complete that site's offer requirements for a credit, you 'went green' or 'greened' for that trader.

Typically, traders SHOULD pay you AT LEAST HALF WHAT THE SITE PAYS THEM for YOU 'going green'

How can a trader afford to pay you more than you spend on completing the site's offers?
It works like this:

Once you complete the required number of offers (go green) on an IFW, the site is "yours", and it gives you a referral link that you can use to refer other people. You have qualified, and now all you have to do is get enough referrals to sign up (through your referral link) on the site and complete the required offers or 'go green' (just like you did), and you can collect the prize.

Lets say the prize you picked was in the form of $200 in PayPal cash (a typical cash prize), the IFW says you have to get 5 referrals to receive the prize. If you think about it, they are basically paying you $40 per referral at that point. You could pay 5 people $20 each to complete the site's offers (go green), and still pocket $100 in cash.

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