rules are simple

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rules are simple

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 30, 2009 5:50 pm

The rules are simple:

  • No referral links are allowed to be posted anywhere. This goes the same for outside FLR links that are self-profiting or have referrals links on it. If your referral link has been requested by a member (in the case of a trade) it can be sent via Private Message (PM).
  • Be civil. There's no need to insult or curse at anyone.
  • Do not cheat or scam anyone when trading referrals or other items.
  • No illegal activities, which includes frauding and talk of fraud.
  • Congas or referral circles will not be allowed.
  • Feedback, trade record or any other transactions completed on any other site do not count towards your feedback here nor can those transactions be put in the Trade Manager for feedback.
  • You are only allowed one account per person per IP address.
  • Self promotion is not allowed in the Status line below your avatar.
  • No credit card required sites are not allowed to be put in the Trade Manager or for feedback.
  • There are more rules that are to be followed that apply only to those subforums as shown below:

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