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lets green the right way

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 30, 2009 6:30 pm

Here is the correct way to complete offers broken down into two steps:

Preliminary warning: You cannot use AOL as your internet service provider to complete offers.

Step 1: Browser Setup

  • Using Firefox (click here to download Firefox), Make sure that the pop-up blocker is off.

    How to do this using Firefox Tools > Options > Content > Uncheck "Block Pop Up Windows"
  • Make sure that it's set to accept all cookies.

    How to do this using Firefox Tools > Options > Privacy > Check "Accept cookies from sites"
  • Clear cookies and all private data.

    How to do this using Firefox Tools > Options > Privacy > Select "Clear Now" under the Private Data category and when the menu comes up to select what you want to clear and make sure "Cookies" and "Cache" are selected.

    It isn’t necessary to disable your firewall or antivirus. This may depend on which security suite you have installed because some come with popup or cookie blockers which will impede crediting.
Step 2: Completing The Offer

  • Go to the site you are registering on, if you are being referred, click the referral link you are given and signup.
  • Wait until the page is fully loaded.
  • Take a look through the offers and choose the one(s) you are interested in. It is offer fraud for anyone to tell you which offers to do.
  • Let the page load completely and read about the offer. Make sure you read ALL of the terms of the offer since you will be bound to them if you complete it. If it's an offer that you dislike, close it and sign out of the freebie site and start over.

    If it's an offer you like, complete the requirements. Leave the last page open for a couple minutes to make sure the cookie (what tracks that you completed the offer) is placed on your computer correctly. It is strictly forbidden to use a prepaid credit card, PayPal plugin, or PayPal debit or credit card as a payment method for the offer. Your credit will be revoked by the advertiser.

    If it's a multi-credit site, don't worry about clearing your cookies again, and proceed to complete the other offer(s).
  • You receive credit! Note: Instant crediting offers mean that it can take between a minute and a few days to credit depending on the advertiser.
  • ALWAYS try out the product or service you are signing up for. The purpose of freebies is that you try out the offers that the advertisers have placed on these sites. You are highly encouraged to keep offers that you like. Failure to use the offer’s product or services as well as canceling the offer early will result in the credit for the offer being revoked.

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